. L5 National Bank - The Premier Bank of the L5 Nation L5 National Bank - The Premier Bank of the L5 Nation L5 National Bank - The Premier Bank of the L5 Nation  

The L5 National Bank™ is going to be the premier banking institution at and for the L5 Nation. It will be offering a full range of financial services to its community and other entities wishing to do business within the Nation.

One of the possibilities being investigated is using a blockchain currency as the basis of L5 dollars, the currency of the L5 Nation. Please contact us if you are interested in participating this development effort.

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NOTE: This offering (institution) is not listed with the US SEC or any other regulatory agency, nor does it have any established banking affiliations, in the United States of America, or under any other governments on Earth. Consequently, and at present, it is only offered as a "novelty" item.
This will change in the future, and all "novelty" obligations will be honored at that time.

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N.B.: Any person, company, firm or organization using this form to submit SPAM will forever be barred from doing business with this or any related sites, and any associated companies. A word to the wise: If you are thinking of using this form to send SPAM, DON'T DO IT!!

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the sign of the L5 Dollar, the currency of the L5 Nation

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